Use Facebook Lead ADs To Generate Business

Facebook lead ads are a convenient solution that allows businesses to run lead generation campaigns on Facebook. The best part of the solution is that the user can sign-up without having to leave Facebook.

Facebook lead ads allow people to fill and submit a form as an expression of their interest in a particular product or service offered by a business. Businesses can then follow-up with the potential customers.  When you use lead ads, Facebook will show your ads to audiences that are likely to be interested in your businesses based on the audience types that you pick.

Lead ads is a Facebook solution that allows people to sign-up to receive information from businesses such as newsletters, offers, quotes, or even book appointments. Lead ads are aimed at making mobile sign-up convenient for people given that mobile phones are used extensively to both communicate and discover interesting content.

When a Facebook user clicks on the lead ad, a form prefilled with the user’s information opens, including name, email address and other details the person has shared with Facebook. Prefilling the form, helps the user to complete the sign-up process in two clicks. Businesses can also customize lead ad forms with different questions so that they can capture the information that really matters to them.

Creating lead ads is very straight forward: you just need to select the artwork for your ad, select the audience you want to target and the bidding type and customize the fields on the form. Lead ads can also be synced with your CRM solution so that lead information can be captured and acted upon in real time.

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Below are a few ways to use lead ads to generate leads for your business:

  • Offer price estimates
  • Newsletter or information sign-ups
  • Inquiry or interest forms for education, financial or professional services
  • Product demos, test drives and sample requests  
  • Deals, coupons or offers for retail or eCommerce business

Once you have the leads flowing in, the next most important step is to do proper follow-up.

Here are a few tips to help you make the follow-up effective:

  • Don’t waste time: Don’t wait too long to follow-up. Facebook lead ads integrated with your CRM solution, allows you to respond in real time. The more you wait, the higher the chance of the lead slipping away. Have an instant response system in place, whether manual or automated to inform the prospect that you will be getting in touch with them, say within 24 hours or even earlier.
  • Put the best man on the job: When following-up, ensure that a staff member who is knowledgeable about the product or service interacts with the prospect. He or she should be able to provide the right level of support and provide satisfactory answers to questions. The earlier a good rapport is established, the better the chances of the lead converting.
  • Response: Don’t just stop with contacting a lead once. The frequency of response also impacts the likelihood of a lead converting to a sale.
  • Nurture: Even if a lead doesn’t convert immediately, make it a point to nurture the lead by continuously providing information of value. You can share how-to-guides, whitepapers and articles that can potentially serve as a solution to the problem that the prospect may be facing.