7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Have a Blog

Are you struggling to remember the last time you updated your website? Are you throwing your hands up in despair trying to find content for your social media channels? Are you looking for ways to generate more qualified leads? Do you want to be a credible authority in your industry? If you answered “yes” to all these questions, then a corporate blog is the answer.

Even as you embark on business blogging, it is important to remember that your posts should focus on solving problems for your customers and should be less about your company, products and services. You can of course talk about how your product or service solved a major problem for a customer and such case studies can help to put things in perspective for somebody grappling with a similar challenge.

Posting regularly and to a schedule is important to build up a readership. When you are consistent, you start generating repeat traffic.

You need to make it easy for people to engage with your content. Readers who have opted-in to receive your posts, are alerted to the new content, either through an email or through their subscription to your RSS feed. However, many companies only share a summary or a teaser and readers have to click through and come to the website to read the rest of the article. If your corporate blog is not dependent on advertising revenue, don’t insist that the subscriber should come to your website to read the whole article. This could be a wasted opportunity as readers may choose not to click through to your website. The sensible approach would be to share the entire article via email or your RSS feed. Ultimately, what you want is for the reader to be more aware of your company. If your article is engaging enough and includes a call-to-action encouraging readers to comment, you can still drive traffic to your website.

In case you are still undecided on the merits of setting up a corporate blog, here are a few reasons that can help to convince you.

Attract more website traffic

Writing helpful articles and posting it on the blog section of your corporate website is a step in the right direction to growing your website traffic. The more articles you publish, the more indexed pages you will have on search engines like Google. This in turn improves your chance of getting found online and attracting traffic to your website.

However, you need to be patient and consistent to see the results. Sometimes, it will take several months before you actually start seeing results but the key is to keep persevering till the breakthrough happens.

Generate content for social media

Every time you post an article on your blog, you are essentially creating content that can also be shared on social media. This will help to attract a new audience to your website. Your blog can be the hub of all the content, which can then be pushed across social media channels as frequently as you produce the content. Never again do you need to wrack your brains to figure out what to post on your social media channels.

Get more leads

With more traffic coming onto your website from search engines and social media, you are in a better position to convert some of that traffic into leads. You can add calls-to-action within your blog posts, encouraging the visitor to take can action such as submitting a sales enquiry or downloading a white paper, after filling up a form. It is worth noting that you will not be able to convert all your visitors to leads but over time your visitor-to-lead conversion rate will improve as you deploy more conversion optimization tactics on your website.

Achieve Thought Leadership

The more helpful articles you post addressing challenges faced by customers, the greater is the trust and credibility that you gain as a business. A prospect who trusts you and believes that you are the go-to authority in your industry will be more inclined to do business with you. This is why it is important to focus more on being helpful than promotional.

Also, when your articles have helped prospects overcome their worst problems, they are also educated in the process and will contact your salespeople knowing clearly what they require.

Generate long-term returns

An article you post may land you a few leads immediately but it doesn’t stop there. It will continue to live on search engines and every time it turns up in search results, you will have the opportunity to get website traffic as well as leads. ¬†This is great because, the effort that you put in once to research and write the article, will continue to pay you dividends over many years.

Get feedback

Encourage your readers to comment on your article as this is an excellent channel to get feedback, both positive and negative. It is also an opportunity for you to engage with your customers and improve product or service quality levels. You can also identify angry customers and work on redressing their grievances and winning them over. Don’t disable comments on your blog for fear of criticism but be open to feedback.

Stay updated on industry trends

All employees in your organization should be encouraged to contribute to the corporate blog. This way you will not struggle to find topics and can keep the momentum going. It is advisable to develop a content calendar at least one month in advance and identify the different staff who will be writing the articles.

Researching and writing on the latest trends in your industry, will keep your employees sharp and informed. This will also equip them with the skills to explain complicated topics in simple language, an ability that can really help them in interactions with customers.